Downtown Eureka Springs
Circa 1880 - 1890

The history of Eureka Springs

The RoundHouse is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, whose history is as varied as the RoundHouse, itself. Located in scenic Northwest Arkansas, Eureka Springs' natural beauty and healing waters have, over the years, attracted people as diverse as the earliest Native Americans, to Carrie Nation, to our current resident artists and craftspersons.

With over 63 natural springs running in the 1880's with their reported healing properties, the word quickly reached out to all Americans who were looking for that natural cure. From 1879, when only a few gathered about the "basin" of Basin Springs, to

Basin Spring as originally
found circa 1870

1880 when thousands arrived by horseback, wagons and finally a stagecoach, Eureka Springs started to boom.

View of downtown Eureka
Springs, including Crescent Hotel
Circa 1880 - 1890

With daily and weekly newspapers heralding the news of the "healing waters," over 15,000 visitors and 3000 legal residents were witness to the birth of the incorporated town of Eureka Springs.

Nestled in the sides of a deep ravine, the town is known for its steep crooked streets and stone buildings for both businesses and public. The main architecture of both the residential area as well as in the downtown Historical District is Victorian. One of the best tours of the town is the architectural walking tour, which points out all of the varied eras from the Romantic to the Gothic Revival and Craftsman's periods.

Carrie Nation speaking at
Basin Springs circa 1890

Suffering four major fires in the late nineteenth century, as many early American towns did, Eureka Springs seemed to prosper in spite. After the "healing" phase ended in the 1920's the era of the automobile,

Eureka Springs Train Station
Circa 1900

with the help of the Eureka Springs Railroad, (still running today), turned the town into a sought after tourism destination. During the last 30 years Eureka Springs has passed even Niagara Falls for the number of marriage licenses issued.

Today, our downtown shops, local artists and craftsmen plus the natural beauty and peacefulness of Eureka Springs bring many visitors to our community all year long. With so many of our citizens concerned about security and keeping the family together on vacation, Eureka Springs has become a bright jewel in family tourism destinations.

Eureka Springs Street Cars
Circa 1920

Downtown Eureka Springs
Circa 1940 - 1950

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